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Integrity and trust is hard to gain an even quicker to lose so at Binghammcahle we do our utmost best to not only make your experience an enjoyable and interesting time, but to ensure that you retired once again as a happy and loyal reader.

As part of the initiative behind Binghammcahle we set out a number of clear objectives. The leading one of these was to always maintain a level of clarity and non-judgement throughout each of our blog posts in an effort to give a fair and upbeat view on how we found a certain product or service to suit us.

This philosophy runs through Binghammcahle and our life alike just like the veins on the back of your hand. There are too many people in the world willing to bend the rules and fill you with lies just to make a quick buck. This is particularly true for even many of the largest blogs online where they don’t even take the time to create a post themselves but instead they outsource it to some Philippine writer lacks the basic skills to create a newsworthy article.

This is just the tip of the iceberg and even the ones that do create the material for their website themselves often do so with the sole intention of filling it with lies and deceit in order to get you to purchase whatever they are “promoting”.

The authors of these “review” websites often make a small commission on the product that they are reviewing so it is in their best interests to discuss them in the best light possible.

We on the other hand at Binghammcahle have absolutely no problem in telling it how it is and if we don’t like something you will be the first to know!

Our early New Year resolution is to set a number that we will feel comfortable with and begin posting that many articles to our blog on a weekly basis. Perhaps you would like to help us out with this task? If so you can get in touch with us via email by sending us a message titled “Binghammcahle” to where it would be a pleasure to hear from you!

Keep Personal Items Stored In A Drysuit Pouch
Oct 6th 2015
One of the main advantages that a drysuit has over a wetsuit is the ability to keep personal items stored away within the suit while keeping them dry. Items such as..

Trying Out A New Saddle With Our Horse
Oct 6th 2015
When we are trying out a new saddle with our horse we generally tack him up in the same way as usual but with the new saddle in place we ask him to walk slowly for at least a couple of miles just so..

All Baltic Amber Jewellery For Sale Is Not The Same
Oct 6th 2015
You could be forgiven for thinking that all Baltic amber jewellery is made in the same way. Well this would be true if it weren’t for all the fake / replicas that seem to be gaining an ever..

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